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What is a Sex Coach?

A Sex Coach is someone trained in various aspects of human sexuality who helps people overcome sexual problems. A sex coach teaches, trains, guides, motivates, collaborates, inspires, monitors, validates, and listens to help their clients achieve their sexual, intimacy and relationship goals.

What do Sex Coaches Do?

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Sex coaches listen to their clients to help them determine their goals. They may give their client homework, or as we like to call it “Lovework”, such as exploring their body to find out where their erogenous zones are and how to pleasure themselves.

What Kind of Problems do Sex Coaches Help With?

Many people grow to adulthood without knowing how to have a successful, fulfilling love and sexual relationship.  They don’t know how to pleasure their partner, or even themselves for that matter, or how to communicate successfully about sexual issues when they arise.

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What is the Difference Between a Sex Coach
and a Sex Therapist?

A sex coach is a professional who is certified to help clients identify current issues in their sex life and to create an action plan towards their desired goals. They don’t deal with past issues, but are future-orientated helping the client set goals to transform their present sex life. Unlike sexual therapist they don’t diagnose, pathologize or treat a client’s dysfunctions.

A sex therapist is a professional with a degree in human sexuality as well as psychotherapy, theology, social work, medicine or counseling. They work with clients in a long-term process, looking at their past issues, to help resolve problems, behaviors, past traumas, self-destructive habits through analysis. They are bound by a code of ethics and require degrees plus clinical experience, and a state license. They often accept medical insurance.

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Sex Coach?

There are numerous benefits you can get by seeing  a sex coach professionally to help you with your sexual issues. At Loveology University, we believe that Love & Sex Coaching can help resolve many relationship problems, make people happier and thus make the world a better place.

  • Sex Coaches help people maximize their sexual skills and couples create greater intimacy.

  • Sex Coaches help single people move their relationship from dating to sexual intimacy, to long lasting love affairs and marriage.

  • Sex Coaches help couples explore their sexual boundaries and experience more creative romance and sexual adventures.

  • Sex Coaches help people heal shame and guilt, learn self love and body acceptance, as well as gain greater self-confidence, and become sexually empowered.

  • Sex Coaches teach individuals how to become more orgasmic and how to pleasure themselves.

  • Sex Coaches help individuals enjoy a happier, more satisfying, joyful, fulfilling sex and love life.

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